Where to Watch

Where To Watch

Showjumping enjoys the most television broadcast time across all of the equestrian Olympic disciplines. There are also many great shows in great locations.

As well as being a thrilling spectator sport, it is one of the rare sports where men and women compete on equal terms. The final standings in a competition are quite often decided by the last horse and rider to jump. Just one time fault can make all the difference between a first or second place finish, resulting in a gripping finale.

The British Showjumping calendar is made up of over 4000 shows every year. Getting close to the action is simple:


Attending a show has never been easier. Find a full list of our fixtures here.

Live Streaming

Visit our homepage for details on the shows that will be live streamed. When we're not live streaming, make sure that you catch up with the latest showjumping action on our YouTube channel. Click here to view.